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Legislative/Regulatory Issues

The FAA watches several issues during each Legislative Session, and issues position statements on behalf of the Board of Directors each year to be used during our legislative activities. While we recognize that not every member will agree with the position statements, we believe that these statements represent the collective position of the Association membership. The Board and the Association take a holistic, statewide view on the issues, and take positions that they believe are in the best interests of a majority of our members and of Florida tourism at large.

Florida Attractions Association - Advocating for You

The Florida Attractions Association protects our industry’s interests in the development of Legislative policy, monitor state agency rulemaking and regulatory oversight and delivers timely, relevant information to our members.  Supported by our dedicated government consulting firm, Liberty Partners of Tallahassee and their team of lobbyists, the FAA strives to educate our state’s policy makers with vital information regarding our industry’s impact of Florida’s economy, employment, and contributions to the quality of life of our citizens.  Our success is clear and demonstrates our united strength.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

  • Direct communication with top leaders in Florida Government
  • 18 Webinars to propagate actionable information
  • Presented testimony before US Senate subcommittee
  • Developed first attraction industry protocols for reopening
  • Consultation with city and county leaders to assist with reopening protocol standards
  • Disseminated information on state and federal grant and loan programs


  • Promoted the continuation of VISIT FLORIDA
  • Secured consistent funding
  • Extended the statutory sunset to 2028

Local Tourism Development (Bed) Taxes

  • Defended the integrity of the local option bed tax
  • Defeated attempts to use TDT revenue for general county needs

Family Entertainment Centers

  • Relocated applicable statute from Gaming to new Chapter in statute “Family Amusement Games Act”
  • Provided increased value of prizes in games of skill

Animals in Human Care

Defended attempts to limit responsible presentation of animals in human care

Parental Waivers

Fought for clarity and legally valid waiver language for minors participating in activities with an inherent risk

Lost or Abandoned Personal Property

Advocated for clear process for handling lost & found articles

Expansion of Gambling

Consistent adverse to expansion of gambling in the state of Florida including passage of Amendment 3 in 2018 establishing in the state Constitution that only Florida citizens, through ballot initiative, have the authority to expand gaming.

School Calendar

Advocated for a later school start date; ultimately provided for statewide uniformity with a defined “not before” date.

FDACS - Bureau of Fair Rides

Worked on various Rules processes to develop common sense rules to promote the safety of our guests and a pragmatic approach to enforcement.  Issues including water slide staffing, go-kart staffing, inspections, adoption of ASTM standards, ride signage, and inspection fees are among the issues address by the FAA on behalf of our members.

2022 Legislative Priorities and Positions

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We believe Tourism Development Taxes (Bed Taxes) must be preserved for their original statutory purpose – to promote tourism and develop tourist-attracting facilities in the county where they are collected. These visitors also pay nearly a quarter of all sales tax collected in the state. Expansion of uses will dilute a destination’s ability to attract visitors to their county. We OPPOSE SB 1542 by Sen. Gainer/ HB 673 by Rep. Shoaf and OPPOSE SB 1898 by Sen. Farmer, Jr./ HB 6075 by Rep. Eskamani.

We support continued full funding for VISIT FLORIDA. VISIT FLORIDA continues to provide a strong ROI for Florida taxpayers as its 12,000 tourism industry partners create jobs and remains the foundation for Florida’s robust economy. Extending or eliminating the sunset provision currently in statute will permit for more strategic marketing planning and attract more top talent to work for VISIT FLORIDA. We SUPPORT SB 434 by Sen. Hooper/ HB 489 by Rep. Chaney.

We oppose any requirements in the proposed "Florida Privacy Protection Act" that would impose undue or costly burdens on, or allow for increased litigation, for Florida attractions.

We support the current COVID-19 legal liability protections for attractions and businesses in the tourism industry for COVID-19 related claims.

We support voter control of gambling and oppose any expansion of gambling, including sports betting.

We oppose any over-reaching regulations related to the regulation of rides within attractions and amusement parks and support the current ride safety regulations in Florida Statute.

FAA members include a variety of zoos, aquariums and marine mammal facilities that are dedicated to the welfare of the animals in their attractions and to the research, conservation, and protection of wildlife. These facilities inspire millions of visitors each year through their education programs to help protect the natural wonders of our planet. We support our members in this commitment and oppose any legislation that would restrict the responsible stewardship of animals in human care.

Florida is recognized around the world as a destination with abundant water resources. The state must act to protect and restore this precious resource to ensure the availability of potable water in our aquifers for drinking and in lakes, rivers, springs, swamps and beaches for recreational use. Blue-green algae bloom and red tide both create disruption of our tourism economy.

We support fully funding all of the grant programs for historic, natural and cultural resources including attraction and museum related appropriations. We also support the continued preservation of Florida’s historic, natural and cultural artifacts and sites to protect our heritage throughout the state.

Legislative and Regulatory Issues

As an Association of Florida's Finest Family Attractions, we...

Support the reauthorization and fully funding of VISIT FLORIDA.

Support the funding for a Public State Artifacts Facility and display by the Florida Department of State.

Oppose the expansion of the uses of the Tourist Development Tax (TDT)

Oppose changes in statutes that further restrict animals being in human care. (Elephants by FWC Rule)

Oppose the constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot in November 2020 that will increase Florida’s minimum wage. (2020 Constitutional Amendment)

Oppose overreaching changes to the statutes relating to the regulation of rides within attractions and amusement parks. (2020 bill that will be filed on behalf of the Bureau of Fair Rides)

Oppose the expansion of gambling including sports betting.

Support the continued funding of water quality improvements throughout Florida. (environment, recreation, drinking)

Support legislation that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public lodging establishments and public food service establishments

Support the reduction of sales tax on commercial leases.

Monitor legislation related to the use of Emotional Support Animals. (vs. Service Dogs/Horses vs. therapy animals vs. support animals)

Monitor the ASTM Committee F24 Standardization by rule at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Monitor legislation related to banning the use of plastic drinking straws.

Support the repeal of the isolated find program within the Division of Historical Resources.

Support allowing private business to decide whether to allow or ban vaping and whether to allow or ban firearms and weapons.

Oppose changes to statutes that will allow for the open-carry of firearms.

Laws Affecting Florida Attractions

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