Who should be invited?

Invite the Legislative Delegation of your county and their staff. This includes all Senators and Representatives whose districts are, in whole or part, in your county.

I sent invitation emails to our Legislative Delegation and haven’t heard back.  What should I do? 

You may send another reminder email and/or call their District Office and speak to their district staff. Not all Legislator’s schedules will be able to accommodate your tour.  Every contact makes a difference for our industry.  Be diligent, yet respectful.

Who should our Legislators meet with at my attraction? 

A member of your senior leadership team should be the primary host of their visit. However, you should consider the involvement of one or more of your most dependable front-line staff to share insights on unique or specialized elements of your operation that will be of interest to your guests. 

May I give gifts?

The tour itself is considered education and provides Legislators with relevant information they need to make wise policy for our state.  Other than the tour itself, Florida law prohibits their acceptance of gifts or food and beverages by Legislators or their staff.

Can I group Legislators together and provide tour to more than one at a time?

Yes, you may, but be aware they have already begun meeting for Interim Committee Weeks in Tallahassee and their time back in their home districts is demanding. Please be flexible and accommodate them at a time convenient to their schedules.

What if a Legislator doesn’t come, only their staff? How should their staff be handled?

The staff of Legislators are critical influencers and should be given the same courtesy and respect as the Legislator.  Often Legislators will count on the knowledge and experience of their staff when making decisions. They are another set of eyes and ears for our elected Legislators.

Who are the Leaders in the Legislature for the 2024 Session.

2024 Senate Leadership

2024 House Leadership

Are group photos and social media allowable?

Absolutely! Legislators use Twitter and Facebook a lot and appreciate the content you create on their visit that they can share on their feeds/pages. Complete Social Media resources for Florida Attractions District Days are available here.

What about local and federal issues?

You may discuss issues regarding your experience with local and federal government.  Many Legislators began their political careers in a city or county government office first.  However, their most direct influence as a Florida Legislator is the policy created at a state level.

What are the Priority Issues for the FAA in the 2024 Legislative Session?

Many of the FAA's Priority Issues are in response to bills filed by Legislators.  Some issues are reoccurring.  Our 2024 Session Priorities will be published following the last Interim Committee Week.  You can review our 2023 Legislative Priorities.

When does the 2024 Legislative Session begin?

The 2024 Session begins Tuesday, January 9, 2024. The Florida Constitution dictates the Legislature meet for 60 days, meaning sine die (adjournment) would be Friday, March 8, 2024. There are some exceptions that could shorten or lengthen Session.

What is an Interim Committee Week?

The Florida Legislature meets for six weeks prior to Session for committees to work on bills that have been filed. It gives them a running start on the work they will perform during Session.

This year, Interim Committee Weeks are:

September 18-22, 2023 House ONLY Interim Committee Week #1

October 9-13, 2023 Senate ONLY Interim Committee Week #2

October 16-20, 2023 Interim Committee Week #3

November 6-9, 2023 Interim Committee Week #4

November 13-17, 2023 Interim Committee Week #5

December 4-7, 2023 Interim Committee Week #6

December 11-15, 2023 Interim Committee Week #7

Does the FAA track filed bills? 

Yes!  The FAA tracks numerous bills that have a direct or indirect effect on Florida’s attractions industry. In a typical year, between 75 and 100 bills may be found on our dynamic Bill Tracker. The information on each bill listed is updated immediately as the Legislature takes action.  Relevant bills will become tracked after they're filed and identified as impactful.

If you have questions about bills we’re tracking or have concern regarding a filed bill that isn’t on our Bill Tracker list, please contact lupfer@FloridaAttractions.org

May I discuss politics, election campaigns, political parties, their political opponents or make a campaign contribution to them?

If you are a 501(c)(3) or government-owned attraction, no. 

Legislators are always on the hunt for contributions to their political campaigns, but contributions are not required by you.  They are visiting to assist their understanding of our industry and your business.

If you know them personally and/or wish to contribute, make a clear distinction between the educational tour portion of their visit and the campaign contribution which should occur as they are preparing to leave. Campaign contributions are public information and there are factors on how and when they are made and whether they’re personal or business contributions.

If you need any assistance with this issue, please contact the FAA office and you’ll be put in touch with someone from our government relations team at Liberty Partners of Tallahassee for clarification and assistance.

I am a 501(c)(3) (non-profit) or government-owned attraction.  May I participate in Florida Attractions District Days?

Yes.  Florida Attractions District Days is not a political event and therefore permissible and not compromising your tax-exempt status with the IRS and Florida Department of Revenue.  As an advocacy program, Florida Attractions District Days is an opportunity for Legislators to learn more about Florida’s attractions industry and your attraction in particular. Their understanding of your business will assist them in developing sound policy. Please consult with legal counsel when in doubt.

Who is up for reelection in 2024?

20 Florida Senate seats (the odd numbered ones) and all 120 Florida House of Representatives seats are on the November 5, 2024 ballot.    In addition, US Senator Rick Scott's seat is up for grabs in 2024 as well as all 28 of the US House of Representatives seats.

2024 Florida Statewide Election Dates

March 19, 2024: Presidential preference primary

August 20, 2024: Primary

November 5, 2024: General election

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