Attraction Member Spotlight - Everglades Alligator Farm

June 26, 2024 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Everglades Alligator Farm stands as a revered institution dedicated to the preservation and conservation of alligators in their natural habitat. Founded over 40 years ago, this establishment has consistently demonstrated a commitment to educating the public about the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures. Through guided tours, interactive exhibits, and hands-on experiences, visitors are provided with a unique opportunity to learn about alligator behavior and biology while gaining an appreciation for the delicate balance of nature in the Everglades ecosystem.

Additionally, Everglades Alligator Farm actively participates in research initiatives aimed at furthering our understanding of alligator conservation efforts. Their tireless dedication to wildlife preservation and environmental awareness truly sets them apart as a valuable resource for both locals and tourists alike.

The Thibos family, owners of the Everglades Alligator Farm, have dedicated their lives to preserving and protecting one of Florida's most iconic species. Through their passion and dedication, they have helped ensure that future generations will continue to be able to experience the wonder of the Everglades and its diverse wildlife.

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