Legislative Update | Senate Committee Stands with Florida Tourism Industry

March 31, 2021 5:49 PM | Anonymous

SB 2008 (TDT Expansion) Temporarily Postponed – Senate Committee Stands with Florida Tourism Industry

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Community Affairs temporarily postponed (TP’d) consideration of SB 2008.  This bill would expand the uses of Tourist Development Taxes for purposes other than tourism promotion.  TP’ing the bill demonstrates some hesitation by the committee to pass the bill and validates the advocacy work of our FAA members and our industry partners!  These Senators stood in support of our industry!

Please take a moment to thank the Senators on the committee for choosing to not consider the bill this week.

Sample email (please personalize)

Dear Senator ________:

Thank you for not hearing SB 2008 - Tourist and Convention Development Taxes in this week’s Senate Committee of Community Affairs.  Protecting TDT and CDT tax revenue for their intended purpose demonstrates principled leadership from your committee.  

Florida’s leisure industry is working hard to restore Florida’s tourism economy.  Working together, we will restore our state to its preeminent position among the world’s tourism destinations.


<your name>

Senate Community Affairs Committee Members

Chair, Jennifer Bradley - bradley.jennifer@flsenate.gov
Vice Chair, Ileana Garcia - garcia.Ileana@flsenate.gov
Senator Dennis Baxley - baxley.dennis@flsenate.gov
Senator Jason Brodeur - brodeur.jason@flsenate.gov
Senator Janet Cruz - cruz.janet@flsenate.gov
Senator Ed Hooper - hooper.ed@flsenate.gov
Senator Travis Hutson - hutson.travis@flsenate.gov
Senator Tina Polsky - polsky.tina@flsenate.gov
Senator Bobby Powell - powell.bobby@flsenate.gov

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