Florida Tourism Loses First Battle over Destination Marketing

On Wednesday, February 8, the Florida House Careers and Competition Subcommittee voted 10-5 margin to advance CCS 17-01, a bill that would end tourism marketing and economic development effort in Florida.

This defeat for Florida’s tourism industry is simply the first step in a very long process. Even the Representatives voting for the bill indicated that it will require significant changes before it could pass the House. At this time, there is no similar bill in the Senate, and the Governor maintains veto power, though the Legislature controls the budget process with the Governor holding the line-item veto.

Hundreds of representative of Florida’s tourism industry attended the meeting.  So many people packed the committee room, in fact that there wasn’t time for most of the tourism industry leaders in attendance to be heard.

I’ve included my prepared remarks in a document attached below.

Thank you for reaching out to your Senator, Representative and members of the subcommittee. We know that each committee member received over 11,000 emails from just the Florida Chamber system.

Florida tourism will continue to fight this battle. Here’s how yesterday’s vote went down:

Supporting Florida Tourism:

Opposing Florida Tourism:

Testimony Document

FAA Testimony 2-10-17
(Adobe PDF File)