Membership Categories

Primary Attractions

Our highest level of attraction membership, the majority of our attractions participate at this level.

Affiliate Attractions

A more economical level of membership, attractions at this level qualify for most benefits.

Partner Attractions

Attractions that are owned by a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization or government entity qualify for this level of membership.

Supplier Associates

Businesses that provide goods or services to the attractions industry.

Tourism Associates

Business that do not provide goods/services directly to attractions, but serve the traveling public.

DMO Associates

Destinations Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs), etc.

Membership Dues Structure

Here you can find information on dues and application fees for your business to apply for membership to the Florida Attractions Association.

Attraction Members

 Application Fee: $250  Annual Dues
 Primary Attraction (based on annual attendance)  
 1-99,999  $3,000
 100,000-299,999  $3,300
 300,000-749,999  $4,100
 750,000-1,499,999  $5,100
 1,500,000+  $6,200
 Affiliate Attraction  $1,250
 Partner Attraction  $750

Associate Members

   Application Fee  Annual Dues
 Supplier Associate  $150  $550
 Tourism Associate  $150  $350
 DMO Associate  $75  $250